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Bumeran Logistics

  • -Quality and quantity controls at reception
  •  -United unit counts of goods
  •  -Functional tests
  •  -Minimum stock control
  •  -Security zone for high-value goods
  •  -Order preparation:
  •  -Serial number control
  •  -EdI bill of lading
  •  -Control of content per package
  •  -Customised content delivery note
  •  -Packaging personalization
  •  -Palletization according to recipient rules
  • -Delivery agreement in large areas
  • -Incident management
  • -Computer integration of systems (SAP, Navision, Sage...)
  • -Real-time web monitoring of the entire process

- Optical reading.

- Unique pallet identification.

- Inventory management: Optimization, control of minimums and reserves.

- Supplier management.

- Extensive security measures

- Personalization of documents and packaging.

 - Processing of orders in the event of a break in stock.

 - Ability to assume significant production peaks.

 - Order preparation until 21:00

 - Special manipulations.

 - Control by optical reading

- Dedicated team in Production and Customer Service

- Call Center Services

- E-mail/SMS for shipping notification to the recipient

- Specially handled and shrink-wrapped.

- Serial number control. - Imports

- Customs warehouse

- Controlled collections.

- Quality control of returned goods.

- Product recovery and reconditioning.

- Warranty Control.

Implementation of order and shipment tracking. Live tracking of order delivery.

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