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E-commerce and digital marketing is gaining more and more importance due to a very important factor, the new consumer behavior, the new generations support their purchasing decisions with digital tools that provide them with more features about the products or services they wish to purchase, for which, companies should not only rely on factors related to the design of their applications, but also on aspects related to feelings, construction and transmission of the brand.

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About our company

We are the fastest growing digital marketing agency in 2020.
Within Bumeran's philosophy we focus on long-term results, based on the impact that continuous innovation has on sustained growth.
We have a solid organizational structure that provides a framework of security, trust and well-being for the staff.
We achieved recognition and became a reference in society as an eCommerce and Digital Marketing Agency.
We maintain a leadership in terms of service quality in all activities and combine it with our social and environmental commitment.
We try to improve continuously to maintain the commitment that allows us to achieve our goal.
Our project and evolution can be explained in three words:


Isidro Fernandez
C.E.O. Founder

The business philosophy of Agencia Bumeran, fits perfectly in a company with international projection for its business, social and environmental strategy.

Lucas Casatti

Lucas Casatti

- Director of Bumeran Argentina Agency

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Bumeran gives support and development in online shops and web portals, as well as Digital Marketing assistance in social networks, copywriting, programming, video games, influencers, models, celebrities, digital photography and integral logistics.

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