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The Company

We leverage our business knowledge and digital expertise to create a complete customer experience, identifying new growth opportunities from all angles, always focused on achieving results.
We have a solid organizational structure that provides a framework of security, trust and well-being for the staff.
We achieved recognition and became a reference in society as an eCommerce and Digital Marketing Agency.
We maintain a leadership in terms of service quality in all activities and combine it with our social and environmental commitment.
We try to improve continuously to maintain the commitment that allows us to reach our goal.
Our project and evolution can be explained in three words:


Isidro Fernandez
Founding CEO

The key to our success is what makes us different.

We leverage our business knowledge and digital expertise to cover the entire customer experience, identifying strategic growth opportunities from all angles, with a clear focus on delivering results and meeting your short or long term goals.


We're listening.

There are no egos or big agency policies in Bumeran, just us: dedicated marketing professionals, working hard to be part of your success story. We understand that every client is unique and every campaign has its own goals and challenges. We also know that our clients have experience in their industry, which is invaluable to us, and we make sure to build and promote a successful business relationship, where our clients feel that their needs and goals are being met at all times.


How we do what we do.

We constantly strive to achieve three things: remarkable ROI, remarkable excellence and remarkable customer experiences. What do we mean by "remarkable"? Think of a purple cow on the side of the road... a cow that stands out from all the others because of how unique and incredible it is. In everything we do, our goal is to be that purple cow, and not settle for anything less. Through everything we do, we constantly redefine what it means to always be serving, growing and improving processes.

Committed to Society, Innovation and the Environment

Commitment from Responsibility Social

We donate 1% of our annual profits to associations of socially excluded groups and to promote cultural activities. 

Commitment from our employees

Our employees can dedicate 2 hours a week of their time to social assistance: both to projects they propose and those promoted by the company itself.

Commitment a Innovate

We dedicate 1.1% of our profits to help technological entrepreneurs: promoting their projects and participating in conferences and awards for innovative entrepreneurs.

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