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Boomerang-Lance DesinfeClean

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The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the way we work on a daily basis, seeking revolutionary cleaning methods (such as DesinfeClean) that are effective against the virus, all with the purpose of keeping surfaces clean, disinfecting them and eradicating them in a shorter time.

It is significant to clean surfaces and objects that are frequently handled, so using DesinfeCleanhelps to eliminate pathogens that can be harmful to health.

DesinfeClean is considered the most efficient product to clean and disinfect each area, eradicating 99.99% of viruses.

Agency Bumeran recommends DesinfeClean to protect your family from viruses thanks to its bactericidal power!

What is DesinfeClean?

DesinfeClean is a powerful and effective disinfectant, manufactured with the best components to perform daily cleaning in your home, dependence or any place, its extraordinary sanitizing power makes it effective in places where a large number of people come together.

The purpose of this incredible product is to have available a powerful bactericide, fungicide and disinfectant to eradicate fungi, bacteria and viruses.

The extraordinary thing about this product is its neutral pH, which allows it to clean and protect any surface, disinfecting and sanitizing any area where it is used.

It is characterized by being a product that maintains its effectiveness for a longer period of time, protecting and eliminating germs.

Where to use it?

Product that can be used in homes, offices, warehouses, restaurants, schools, hotels and any place where there is a large agglomeration of people.

Stop the spread of coronavirus by using DesinfeClean to protect everyone by removing any viruses.

 How to use DesinfeClean?

Desinfeclean comes in tablet form, ready to be prepared and mixed with water, preparing the necessary and sufficient amount when applying it.

Preparation for cleaning floors

Just by applying 1 or 2 tablets of the product in 10 litres of water you will have the disinfectant ready to use.

This amount keeps the power intact throughout its application, plus you can store it for continued use when scrubbing the floor, cleaning ceramics, kitchens and all other surfaces in your home or office.

  Preparation for hand spray

Just by placing 1 tablet in 500 ml you can use it to clean hard to reach surfaces, mirrors, tiles and taps.

Importance of cleaning with the best disinfectant

The emergence of viruses that are becoming public health threats, make the need to develop really efficient cleaning products, for that reason, Agencia Bumeran recommends the best and most efficient product, DesinfeClean.

Remember that not only must you clean, you must disinfect the surfaces, DesinfeClean, performs all that process efficiently, reducing to the minimum the pathogens that produce the diseases.


What can you get at DesinfeClean?

 Company that offers all the necessary products to prevent and care for the COVID-19, you can get the following, know them below:

  • Hydroalcoholic Gel (500 ml and 1 1 L presentation)
  • DesinfeClean (Bottle of 48,150 and 300 tablets)
  • Digital Thermometers
  • High-precision masks

Consider using DesinfeClean to efficiently disinfect and care for your health!

Agencia Bumeran invites you to discover a cleaning and sterilization product of great precision and efficiency.