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10 steps to create your successful online store

Reading time: 5 minutes

Creating an online store is easier than you might think. Many conceive of this extremely difficult task, which requires vast knowledge to perform. However, neither can you pretend to elaborate it in a matter of hours or by unskilled individuals.

It is a technical and investigative process that deserves a series of steps, to give life to this ambitious project of successful online store . It is not only about creating the website and launching it to the digital market; it is about providing a solution to the requirement of thousands of customers, who live their day-to-day life with intensity and do not have enough time to make purchases.

How do I do it? Read this tutorial article for the creation of that longed-for dream as it is an online store in these modern times, where we are expectant of the latest trends of our favorite brands.

create online storeAs a company of digital marketing in AlicanteWe are committed to innovation in our country. We trust in your abilities as an entrepreneur to bring to life a host of fabulous ideas, which will set a positive precedent in society.

1.- Establishes a market strategy:

It can't throw you into the sea with little knowledge of its depth, because if you do you might end up drowned or dead in the worst case. The same goes for creating an online store, when you will have to design a marketing strategy to focus your efforts on achieving real and sustainable objectives over time.

This is the first step in this whole process. Here you will have to select the most infallible tactics to reach your possible target audience in the shortest time possible, making sure you give them a real satisfaction of their requirements with the product or service to offer.

Similarly, you need to know what the opportunities and threats are within your business environment. This will enable you to overcome possible obstacles, as well as to make the most of various contractual circumstances.

2.- Select the domain name:

Once you know where you are going with your online store, you will choose a name that is appropriate to the subject matter of the products or services to be offered there. It is a very attractive phase of this process because you will have to bring out your creativity to stand out.

Choosing the name will seem simple at first; however, you must be very careful about this. Why? It will be your official identification on the web. Ideally, it should be simple, but at the same time striking and striking, which allows it to be memorized without much effort.

Avoid using cheap or free domains. Mainly, because it is very difficult to position in search engines and generates distrust among users.

3.- Hire a hosting company:

Hosting is the web remote for your online store. Hiring a reliable company is essential in this process to create your digital sales support, because there you will store your database. Not only will you manage the company's email to promote the brand, but you will also avoid falling into an undesirable "out of service".

Don't even think about skimping on this aspect because the consequences could be fatal.

4.- Design a complete digital marketing and SEO plan

This can be considered as one of the most complicated phases during the creation of your online store. Here, it requires the support of various actors involved in this process, who will give life to a series of digital strategies to position your website in the first places of search on the web.

It is the blueprint for a whole digital network to give it greater visibility, where social networks and blogs will be vital in the struggle for this purpose. You will have to elaborate a keyword analysis for SEO, which will allow you to know which are the most frequent searches of your buyer person and focus your efforts on answering them immediately.

5.- Develop the design of your website with the help of a professional:

We have reached the beginning of the construction of your online store. For this step you need to hire a web design professional, who will help you build an appropriate and innovative space to give a luxury sensory experience to the user.

You will have the responsibility to choose the colors of your personal brand, focusing on pleasant and striking tones. You will also need to select appropriate software for its proper operation.

6.- Add various payment methods:

The comfort of the customer is the main objective to consider in the online store. You cannot pretend to create this digital support of your business with limited options to pay, which are very complex or not very accessible to the community of cybernauts.

Add as many means of payment as possible, going beyond traditional financial products such as credit and debit cards; Affiliate to the newest financial transfer platforms such as PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer, as well as build a comfortable and secure payment gateway.

7.- Design your payment policies:

This is an essential step to save you from legal conflicts or annoyance with clients. Setting up ideal payment policies from the outset will avoid harmful comments towards your brand and will allow you to take advantage of every time of the year to offer unique opportunities to the consumer public.

In this way, you will open a wide path to loyalty. Especially in the lower social strata, who are eager to acquire your products and services but carefully review your payment terms because they cannot afford to lose money or be in disadvantageous agreements.

8.- Prepares the logistics for shipments:

Creating an online store but not having the proper logistics to get the products to your customers, would be like having an open restaurant but without food to prepare dishes to the diners. We are not talking about looking for luxury vans or putting together a complete paraphernalia to deliver the orders; we are referring to a quality service, which is extremely economical and even free.

This aspect must be handled with total diligence, because it is one of the main elements of operation within your e-commerce. Be sure to offer a shipment in less than 24 hours from the time they made the purchase, giving you a host of facilities to the user for possible claims or returns.

9.- Launch your online store in style:

This is the final phase of the whole process of creating an online store. This is the high point of this whole project, where you put aside many important family or personal issues to make it a reality on the web.

The launch must be in full swing. Make an effort to cover every digital space with innovative content and impressive business proposals, framing your digital venture as a true wonder among all the available options.

Don't spare any effort to promote your brand by all possible means.

10.- Constantly carries out analysis of measurement results: 

Once your online store is up and running, you will need to sit down and do a thorough review of each of the general aspects. Measuring the effect of your actions will be vital in order to know what the results are and how you can improve them, based on an increase in sales.


Do you realize that? Creating your online store is no big deal. You have the power in your hands to generate a radical change in your business, going into digitalization to get the maximum benefit and offer a service with added value in your activity.

Remember... Whoever is unable to adapt to change is doomed to disappear.